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Don’t be foolish enough to believe just because she was nuts over you last night, some other guy can’t do the same tonight. Being boring is a foolproof recipe to chase women away. Banter is the most powerful attraction tool, so why wouldn’t you use it? One of my instructors, Sean Deacon, wrote a kick ass article that tells you exactly what to do, what to avoid, and he’s even included real world EXAMPLES for you to learn from. In my opinion, it is a key tool available for interacting with women. I have had text message conversations that fit into all of these. Sean Newman has posted up some really great stuff about sending dirty text messages to your girl. This can be a sly smirk, a big fun smile, or a seductive smile, but it should be positive. * * * * I posted this next one as an example a while ago, but I thought it was really good, so I am using it again.