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(Side note: It’s almost always a bad sign if, a few years into a marriage, your mate asks for your definition of what technically constitutes ‘having sex.’)Beyond actual sex, most couples also put the kibosh on extramarital kissing, nuzzling, lap dances, skinny-dipping, massaging, showering, dating, nude photography, private porn habits, vacationing, strip poker, lurid banter, breast exams, getting one hotel room to “save money,” erotic emails/text messages, midnight IMing, Facebook preoccupations, and exchanging lingerie for Christmas. It’s not okay to tell your mate “I’ll hook up with you when I retire, baby.” That’s wrong. You might make a lot of money, but you’ll likely be spending it alone. Now you have to repent from Parental Infidelity — chronically subordinating your marriage to your role as mother or father.