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Material properties

Material properties


We manufacture materials of the new generation, smart materials created in order to change the approach to surface protection and decoration.

A wide range of products enables us to form a coating system for any surface in order to resolve any problem related to the surface exploitation: special paints by «ASTTIKA» (for metal, wood, plastics, glass, clay, ceramics, roads); exterior and interior paints by «ASTTIKA»; varnishes by «ASTTIKA»; fillers, primers and biocides by «ASTTIKA».

Unique properties of materials by «ASTTIKA»:

  • Paints and varnishes by «ASTTIKA» contain components of the new generation allowing the coating to stretch under distortion and take a new shape after the surface.    
  • Paint vehicles in coatings by «ASTTIKA» stand temperature differences as well as temperature shocks (up to +2000С), which allows the coatings to keep their decorative and service properties.  
  • Materials by «ASTTIKA» allow obtaining vapour-permeable («breathing») coating, thanks to which the indoor microclimate normalizes, and the environment favorable for organic growth is eliminated. 
  • Materials by «ASTTIKA» contain pigments resistant to thermal action and UV-radiation, which allow the coatings to keep their original decorative characteristics.
  • Materials by «ASTTIKA» contain paint vehicles, which allow reaching the maximum hardness of coatings.
  • Systems by «ASTTIKA» affect directly on the source of a problem: mildew, rust, cracks or surface irregularity. They eliminate and prevent resumption of the problem.
  • Paints and varnishes by «Asttika» have a perfect covering power  (up to 97,2%) per one layer, therefore, they are exceptionally  economical. Well-balanced accords of pigments and pigment extenders, as well as the optimum rheology also contribute to the economical consumption.
  • All the products by «ASTTIKA» are organic solvent-free, do not sustain combustion and are allowed for any projects, including kindergartens, schools, hospitals and catering facilities. Materials by «ASTTIKA» are pH neutral.

The use of coating systems by «ASTTIKA» guarantees 20-year service life of coatings!