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Paints and coating materials

The paintwork materials manufacturer «Asttika» produces paints adapted for Russian customer. Paints and coating materials are made under German technology on the most up-to-date equipment.

A few paint manufacturers can provide a two-level test of their product quality. Every type of paints and coatings undergoes such a test, be it a paint, enamel or primer. Paintwork materials manufacture is a complex process being under improvement by our specialists for 365 days a year.

We pay a particular attention to long-lasting paints manufacture. Such paints would be able to resist the environment conditions. Such a characteristic is quite important, if you need, for example, floor or bath paint.

Paints and coating materials by «Asttika» are sold all over the territory of Russia. You can find the nearest to you sales office for paints and coating materials on our website. For your convenience we have divided our partners into wholesalers and retailers of varnishes and paints. That way, if you need to buy paint in an individual region, for example, Chelyabinsk, you’ll find easily the required sales office in Perm. «Asttika» paints distribution is also a profitable business field.

If you want to become our partner and engage in wholesale or retail of paint, we can propose you favourable business terms and conditions. We are constantly expanding the sales geography for our products. We have developed special training courses for our customers to tell them about coating systems for paints and enamels by «Asttika» and familiarize them with the properties and methods of practical use of our materials.

Any paint you order will be promptly delivered to your region, for example, to Perm, Chelyabinsk or Ufa.

Manufacturing facilities belonging to «Asttika» permit paints and coatings wholesale in any quantity. When you turn to us for paints wholesale, you can be sure that all goods of your interest are in our warehouse in Ekaterinburg. If you want to buy paint in Ekaterinburg or Tyumen, you can contact our sales managers by 8 800 700 78 18. You also can get from us any information about wholesale and retail chain: what shops sell our paints in Ufa, which companies are engaged in wholesale of our paint in Moscow, what paint by «Asttika» is on sale in Tyumen, and many other things.

If you are looking for an optimum combination of the quality and cost of paints and coatings, our company quotes price which will match your expectations. We provide a flexible pricing policy for those who want purchase paints and coating materials by wholesale. Before buying paint wholesale you can take professional advice from our managers for all questions of your interest.

You can buy paint for any purpose from our company. These are concrete paint, decorative paint or, for example, wall paint. So, acrylic paint is widely used for both indoor and outdoor painting. Acrylic paint leaves a hard, but resistant to different distortions, coating which provides a long service life of the surface.

Water paint can be also used for different types of surfaces. Water paint is the ideal solution for walls and ceilings.

Water paint is one of the most easy-to-use in the view of laying on the surface – it is easy to apply and fast drying. That’s why aqueous dispersions have obtained such a wide application in construction. When deciding between gloss and matt paints, you should remember that the matt paint hides any surface defects much better. Bituminous paints, or BT paints, as they usually mark it on the package, are highly resistant to temperature shocks. That allows using them for outdoor painting.