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Wallpaper Protective Coating. 13-06

Wallpaper Protective Coating. 13-06
Field of Application:

Paint is intended to create a protective coating for all types of wallpapers. Easy to apply, low-odour, leaving a “breathing” coating, resistant to wet cleaning. It has good service properties.

Material Properties:
  • Water- and dirt-repellant coating
  • Highly elastic lustrous film provides ideal representation of the wallpaper texture.
  • Good adhesion and vapour-permeability
  • Abrasion resistance (wet scrub resistance grade 2, according to DIN EN13300) (SIGN)
  • Solvent-free
  • Suitable for schools and hospitals (certificate RU. dated 09.08.2010)

75-90 ml/m2 (more than 10 m2/l) depending on the substrate.

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Application Conditions:

lower temperature limit for application is +5 0 ; upper relative humidity limit — 50%.

Substances of Content:

Styrene-acrylic copolymers, coalescent agents, biocides, dispersing agents, wetting agents, antifoam agents, thickening agents, water.   

Drying time:

at +19 0:

Surface-dry and recoatable after 1 hour

Completely dry after 2 hours

Method of Application:

brush, roller or paint sprayer



Storage and transporting:

the paint should be kept in the original package for 12 months after the date of manufacture at a temperature   between + 5 and +35 0C.



Gloss Level:



tin pails

-Reference Code Package Size, l Colour Collection Base Gloss Level
13-06 1,0 colourless silk
13-06 3,3 colourless silk
13-06 11,0 colourless silk
Interior Paint for Wooden and Mineral Substrates 13-01; 13-01/
Field of Application:

Interior paint is intended to provide the coating for indoor plastered, concrete, glazed, brick, cardboard, and wooden surfaces, as well as for gypsum-board, fiberboard and chipboard. It can be applied on both new substrates and existing paint coating. It remedies micro cracks, protects against water and UV-radiation. It has high decorative characteristics; low-odour. It leaves a «breathing» coating.

Vandal-proof Water- and Alkali-resistant Wall Paint. 14-05; 14-05/
Field of Application:

Paint is intended for coating walls and all types of wallpaper (including vlieseline) in the interiors subjected to higher service loads. Suppressing organic growth on the substrate. Suitable for concrete, brick, wooden, gypsum-board, asbestos-cement, plastered substrates, applicable on existing paint coating. Easy to apply, low-odour, leaving a «breathing» coating.

Thixotropic Protective Coating for Sauna 14-06; 14-07
Field of Application:

High-quality acrylic-based coating is intended to provide the long-lasting protection of wood substrates (walls, ceilings, doors, partitions, window-frames, and others) in sweat baths, saunas, bath houses, washing and changing rooms. It protects against mildew, high temperature, cracking. Easy to apply, low-odour. Suitable for concrete, brick, wooden, and gypsum-board substrates.